Tuesday, February 8, 2011


1. KICKASS Dir. Matthew Vaughn
A Few Words: Finally, a superhero film for real superheros......I MEAN! NOT THAT I'M...No one's revealing a hero's identity, I mean I,I,I,I,I,I, I'm certainly not a real superhero, hahahahahaha!!!!! That's just ridiculous....(sigh) yeah, wouldn't that just be funny. Awe jeez.

2. LET ME IN Dir. Matt Reeves
A Few Words: Anyone who knows me, knows my general....dislike... of remakes. With strict exceptions of course (The Thing). And I will sadly admit I was dead set on hating this film. Because I love the original, which was not even a year old when they announced the remake. It was a perfect film. Why? I haven't done a book comparison yet. I was about to read the book when this was announced and decided to wait. Now that I have seen this I will read the book. But I have to say, I really like this film. I really fuckin' liked the differences this had to the original. The cast is just perfect. And like the original, it has a great score and awesome fucking soundtrack! Another thing that probably gave me a personal connection was the period and Americana. I was growing up around this time, hearing the music, experiencing difficult growing pains, taking interest in weird girls who smell funny (still am), and 'Now&Laters' candy. So many of these elements are also things that hooked me about the original, which captured the 80's almost frightfully perfect. Reeve's version get's close enough and the addition of 80's Americana helps. All of these things handled as they are, I must admit, really kinda hooked me quick. My desert island choice between the two? A Beta dupe of both films back to back. P.S. ~ Best use of "Burning For You" by Blue Oyster Cult...EVER!!!

3. MACHETE Dir. Robert Rodriguez
A Few Words: Come on......do I really have to say anything about this one other than it truly deserves better than just an "honorable mention". Let's face it, it's a little masterpiece.

4. PREDATORS Dir. Nimrod Antal
A Few Words: Rodriguez serving up more awesomeness out of the Grindhouse kitchen! (More film/cooking schools!!!) The other two gang members of my 'Grindhouse Trio' gave me perfect and enthusiastic recommendations to see this and they were not wrong! This was a fucking hellava good time! Brody and Braga owned this shit. It had a few major flaws, but at least it was nowhere near a 2 hour mistake on the whole. The filmmakers brought it back home.

5. THE TOWN Dir. Ben Affleck
A Few Words: You know......it...was...a fucking good movie. It was. Great performances all around. But...you know...when they got to the big shoot out? That felt...drawn out. And the drawing out of it felt...fucking...forced. Like they were TRYING to create a sort of 'HEAT' shootout. Wasn't feeling it. And the ending...(shrug, Deniro face) You know? But otherwise...really good. 'Gone Baby Gone' was waaaaay better though. You know? P.S. ~ RIP Pete Postlethwaite. You were BRILLIANT in this film!

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