Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letting Go Isn't easy

As LOST approaches it's finale I find myself in the wee hours of the night watching old episodes, busting out old Dharma files, re-examining island maps realizing this will likely be the last true all geeked out show for me. It's the ultimate. It tapped into everything I have ever been interested in. Most especially, the duality of man, the connection between two people, how to live outside the parental shadow, and But there were all the other interests. You know, the ones you can only devote time to in the middle of the night when no one will question your sanity , that's right, Time Travel, cryptazoolagy, parapsychology, and faith versus science and so much more.

The writing of the show brought me back to the kind of writing I grew up recognizing once in films. Thoughtful and unexpository (that's not a word), layered with subtext and foreshadowing to last you beyond the shows six years. And it has been the only show in television history to know it's ending. Plotted out, much like one does a feature film script, only on a grand scale allowing room to move around. It forced me to up my game as an visual, internal, character driven screenwriter. I will shed light on this and more in the hours and days to come.

But since I am at the computer a lot this week, I've opened a second window and as we near the end I am going to attempt to provide my fellow LOST-ians with a healthy dose of retrospect and food for thought, hopefully finding the time to get my final theory out before the 23rd. I will dole out a bit here and a bit there throughout the next few days and nights. So, for now I will save my island-speak for later and first highlight my favorite piece of Giacchino music from the show.

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