Wednesday, April 14, 2010



We are gold, you and I

Ejected out of a blast from the rays of the sun

finding each other, hurtling through the atmosphere into a flood of cool

I hold our core

You give our shine

We are timeless

A magnificent nugget

We become stronger

Seemingly solid

But then, as we merge into yet another layer of color, you break off to shine of a trivial though momentous currency

With no shine, I diminish and soften

Like some Gypsum Alabaster

I am trapped in this weakened rock

Avoiding the shatter of the reckless and greedy heart

A once solid stone, now void of color

Our core is petrified

Worth, devalued

I become invisible

Our bond anonymous to the elements around us

As though we never happened

As though gold has nothing beyond it's shine

And the ecstasy of gold, is lost

To the hands of those who know nothing of fortune, only greed

...and to your need

to shine without me.

1 comment:

  1. Your first sci-fi piece and its a poem! Blows me away man. Excellent work.